Monday, January 14, 2008

Knitterally speaking, what have you been working on?

Welcome to Knitterally Speaking!

It's yet another knitting blog designed to help you find an outlet for your obsession.

I have been knitting for 7 years now and have no knitting community in the town in which I currently live:Eugene, OR.

There are some great knit shops and I've taken classes and met some great knitters, but no woolmates to trade stitch patterns or attend fiber festivals with.

The main thing is that I stopped knitting seriously for about six months when I started a new relationship...which is going really well. I took it back up last August when my brother announced he and his wife were having their first child. I started a seed stitch baby blanket that mimics a quilt with stars and hearts and I've been reobsessed ever since! I made 6 pairs of fingerless mittens for friends in between and now am starting sweaters (not matching) for me and My Sweetheart.

He's incredibly supportive, but a bit thrown. I hid this part of me during our first six months to focus on us. Now, I am back with a vengence like Bruce Willis with size 6 bamboos and some gorgeous light green baby alpaca and My Sweetheart is still figuring out what to think when I ignore him for hours on end.

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